A Guide on Multi-Site Management Using Headless CMS

Hardik Shah
Cloud March 30, 2021
Multi-site management headless CMS architecture

Multi-site management is known for answering the calls of business holders with the wish of expanding their business, attracting new consumers, or even increasing market penetration. While it comes with its challenges, it is a new promise to reach more consumers locally and globally, given that it is utilised in the proper manner.

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Remote Work Survey 2021: 82% US-based Companies Offer Permanent Work From Home

Hardik Shah
Trending March 12, 2021

Remote working is no longer a luxury but the need of the art as far as workplaces are concerned. Many big organizations have taken the decision to allow remote working as a permanent mode of working. The question is, where do the employer as well as the employee go from here on? Let's find out that with our detailed survey on remote working that has amazing insights.

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Laravel vs CodeIgniter: Comparing two PHP frameworks on the basics of web app development

Laravel vs Codeignitor preview

To take an informed decision that suits your demands and fits your project requirements, you will need a comprehensive understanding of both Laravel and CodeIgniter. This comparison – Laravel Vs Codeigniter – should give you a thorough understanding of various factors while choosing either of these PHP frameworks. So without further ado, let’s get started

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Comparing Nodejs vs Java: Your Backend Tech Stacks Explained

Nodejs vs Java preview

If you want to compare two powerful backend technologies: Node.js vs. Java and are also excited to read about how Netflix migrated from Java to Node.js, read this article. It will introduce you to why Java is still relevant in the times of modern and scalable Node.js. And what are the areas where Node.js outperforms Java? and that will help you decide on the backend technology for your next project.

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15+ Popular Companies Using Node.js in 2021

You might have heard how Node.js apps power businesses with high speed & performance. However, what are these businesses? & which companies use node.js? Are these common questions you stumble upon while reading about Node.js? If so, this blog will help you navigate 17 of our favourite & top global companies which use Node.js in production and help you identify their challenges and results.

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Fuel Management System: An Efficient way to manage Fuel Consumption using Telematics

Managing a fleet is a challenge. You need to take care of insurance, vehicle maintenance, compliance with government regulations, etc. Amongst all these challenges, the biggest one is - monitoring your fuel costs. You may ask, why? Well, research shows that 24% of your total fleet costs is spent on fuel, which is a quarter of your total expenditure!

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Node.js vs Python: Which backend technology to choose in 2021?

Node.js vs Python are two of the most compared backend technologies on the web -- the first is older and more established while the latter is up and coming. Since both are very popular for web-app development, a thorough comparison is necessary before you choose one over the other. In this article, explore a comprehensive study of advantages, disadvantages, and tech similarities. And more importantly, which of the two best suits your development needs and when.

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Laravel vs. Symfony: Similarities & Differences of Two PHP Frameworks

Hiren Dhaduk
Web App Development February 18, 2021
Laravel vs. Symfony

When you think of developing a web application with modern features like real-time notifications, or advanced search options, two backend frameworks come to mind- Laravel and Symfony. Both have the ability to offer tools to help create scalable apps. But, if you are confused over which one to pick, here is a comprehensive take on the similarities and differences between Laravel and Symfony.

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Nodejs vs Ruby on Rails: A Deep Dive Into Backend Frameworks

Hiren Dhaduk
Web App Development February 16, 2021
nodejs vs ruby preview

Nodejs and Ruby on Rails are amongst the most popular and trusted backend frameworks out there. They are trusted and used by some very prestigious organizations around the world. In this article, we give you an unbiased comparison of these two technologies and break them down against various parameters that concern a business owners. So let's find out which of the two frameworks is better in terms of performances, scalability, development speed, and multiple other factors.

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